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They Call It Management Skills Not Management Talent!

Success comes from consistently having the right people, doing the right things, in the right way at the right time! We can have great leadership with great vision but without truly effective management to communicate, motivate and measure the output of our teams, then it can become challenging to predict our results!

I have created an easy introduction PDF Guide sharing just 5 of our key essential habits of effective management.

We are not suggesting for a moment that these five principles are the be all and end all of effective management, but we do believe that they are powerful fundamental concepts and behaviours that if always honoured then the results that your management team are delivering will begin to show significant improvement. 

Grab a copy today......  

  • If you feel as if you are endlessly fire fighting.

  • If your business is suffering from cyclical staffing issues. 

  • If motivation, moral and attitudes of your team are low.

  • If your sales activity and results are less than ideal.

  • If your productivity is negatively impacting your profitability.

  • If your teams internal and external communication creates issues.

3 Simple Rules For Effective Management And Dynamic Leadership

1. Being Willing And Able To Measure Yourself More Accurately. 

Research would suggest that on the whole we are not very good at seeing ourselves particularly accurately. At times blind to our short comings as well as at times blind to our strengths. True and honest self-awareness as a leader will positively impact overall organisational effectiveness and profitability. Employees have more trust and predictably perform better when following leaders who are confident, capable, congruent, consistent and incredibly clear.

2. Understanding And Optimising The Talents Of Others.

Leaders can run into problems and even fail because of their inability to accurately understand and fully capitalise on the true potential of their team. If your good people aren’t fully stimulated and don’t feel valued, they will always have opportunities elsewhere because they are good! Where as you might be stuck with the poor performers, because of poor management and the fact that they can’t really go anywhere and for their own safety they may well have learnt to play the system. Know your resource well, and have a well defined development plan that's designed to deliver ongoing growth and development. 

3. Heightened Situational Awareness And Behavioural Flexibility.

One of the better known executive coaching books from our recent history is, What Got You Here Won't Get You There, by Marshall Goldsmith. We can find ourselves promoted in our career based on our capabilities and successes to date. Just because we were good “at it” doesn’t mean that we will be good managing others doing it. The Law of Requisite Variety states the person or system with the most flexibility will control the system. Our results more than ever before will now rely on the performance of others and our sensory awareness and ultimate flexibility will help to develop the leadership qualities that will guide your team to deliver on expected results.


Colin McKay - Advanced Team Dynamics

A strong, confident, down to earth and personable Executive Coach and Management Trainer, with a 30 year background in operations management and sales management within both the Printing and Corporate Training Industries here in the UK, New Zealand and Australia. 

Colin was first drawn to advanced communication based corporate development trainings, skills and processes through his desire to excel in his own management roles. He was looking for the edge, the kind of advanced knowledge that could ensure his own personal success and the success of his staff and clients. 

Driven by a strong desire to deliver value and a growing fascination for the power of mastering influence, through understanding behavioural psychology and communication skills. As well as learning how to totally control of his own attitude, focus and actions.

Colin left the printing industry in 2007 and dedicated himself to years of studying all aspects of corporate coaching, personal development and effective training delivery. After an extended time travelling the world learning from the experts in the field he set up his own training and coaching business initially in Australia and New Zealand.


Upon arriving back in the UK in 2010 Colin created The Advanced Team Dynamics Corporate Coaching and Training Programs which he runs as a division of Life Training Systems Ltd.

Colin is as much a personal coach as he is a trainer with vast experience working with a wide spectrum of one to one coaching clients form business owners, executives and managers through to private individuals who are looking to create effective positive changes to the results they are creating in their lives and their careers.

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